My Process

Michelle Ofiwe · Hi, I'm Michelle! I'm a digital copywriter & content strategist. Here is an idea of my creative process.


My Process

My process adapts to the needs of the project and the expectation of my clients. What remains constant is my dedication to the human experience. What do we want your audience to feel? What do we want them to do? How do we combine copy, strategy, and design for our desired result? These are the questions I like to answer.

    Generally, I:

    • explore (your business, your brand, your content, your strategy, your past, present, and future)
    • define (goals, relationships, expectations, methodology, and everything in-between)
    • ideate  
    • build
    • and refine.

    I discover your company's unique story. I ask questions to determine your (dis)advantages, audience, and current strategy. I care deeply about your goals and expectations.

    I collaborate and build momentum. I clarify my role within your team and how we can work best together. We won't always know everything in advance, but we'll figure it out together. I bridge marketing, editorial, and web teams together to meet project goals. I speak with purpose and great clarity.

    I use language to inform and direct. I prototype words to define a clear path for your audience. Sometimes, this means creating content guidelines and best practices to unify messaging and voice. Or, I might determine negative keywords and other phrases to steer clear from. 

    I consider content comprehensively. Your content is only as good as the page it sits on. I integrate user experience and web design to give your work a fighting chance.  


    Everyone needs them. Here are mine:

    • Vulnerability
    • Honesty
    • Clarity
    • Viability
    • Authenticity 

    I'm an experienced remote and freelance professional. I use industry-standard collaboration and project management tools (Slack, Trello, Asana, etc) to close the "digital gap."