Meet Michelle

Michelle Ofiwe · Hi, I'm Michelle! I'm a digital copywriter & content strategist. I flip copy + code into meaningful digital experiences. 


Hi, I'm Michelle! 👋🏾
I'm a digital copywriter & content strategist.
I flip copy + code into meaningful digital experiences. 

I've been developing user friendly content since 2011. Long before I learned what metadata was, I toughed it out on the mean streets of Dallas (okay, Uptown) to tell the stories of the underground artists. At my core, I believe everyone has a story worth hearing. That hasn't changed much; now, I just tell the stories of businesses and brands.

As a journalist-turned-copywriter, I consider content comprehensively. I'm an ardent champion of good web design and the way it impacts your audience's relationship to your content. For exciting and effective results, I employ user experience design methodology in my work. I also explore the relationship between web design and content strategy with my blog, Copy + Code

I excel best when I'm helping clients create and execute compelling narratives. I'm passionate about history and histories, color theory, and the second editing round. 

As a freelance writer, my work focuses on the intersections of culture, art and technology. I've happily written for Adidas, NBC Think, The Huffington Post, Complex Magazine, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, D Magazine, and many more. 

I'm based in Houston, Texas. I love Caribbean food, night drives, the smell of jasmine, and arboretums. 

Email me for opportunities and writing assignments: